Planting wildflowers under Wanstead street trees

Wild Wanstead is hoping to extend the number of street trees across the neighborhood which have wildflowers planted at their base, to support a range of pollinating insects. 

This spring, volunteers from a number of roads across Wanstead, Aldersbrook and South Woodford planted wildflowers using a specially formulated seed mix kindly donated by native plant specialist, Habitat Aid. This contains a number of tough wildflower species, that should eventually bloom through the season and support a wide range of pollinating insects (Lady's Bedstraw, Musk Mallow, Ox-eye Daisy, Wild Carrot, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Wild Red Clover, Corn Marigold and Poppy). We should see a few flowers in 2018, although we won't get the full effect until Year 2 when all species in the mix should hopefully flower.

The dry weather is creating tough conditions for the plants to get going and they're really struggling on some roads. The Wren Wildlife and Conservation Group has recommended that without rain, the seeds/seedlings will need watering every few days to help them get going (once they’re established and growing strongly, they will be drought tolerant). If anyone lives on any of the roads that have been planted up (listed below) it would be fantastic if you could adopt a few of the trees bases closest to home and give them a helping hand to bed them in this summer. Thank you.

Buckingham Road (From Nutter Lane to Hereford Road) 
Cambridge Park
Chester Road (between Mansfield Road and Oak Hall Road)
Chestnut Drive
Cowley Road
Dangan Road
Halstead Road
Harpenden Road (even side, from number 34 onwards)
Herongate Road (8 trees – should look newly ‘gardened’)
Highstone Avenue
Hurstwood Avenue 
Langley Drive (From Redbridge Lane West to junction with Langley Crescent)
Malford Grove 
Nutter Lane
Oak Hall Road
Overton Drive (from St Mary’s church to Warren Road)
Redbridge Lane West
Reydon Avenue
Seagry Road
Wanstead Park Avenue
Warwick Road 
Wellington Road


(Only relevant for pavement trees – not ones on verges)


Please note, the council has currently stopped spraying herbicide on tree bases on the roads listed below. If you want to add your road to the list, let us know. We will arrange for spraying to stop so that you can plant seeds later in the year.

Roads where spraying has been stopped for wildflower planting

Belgrave Road, Broadwalk, Buckingham Road, Cambridge Road, Carlton Terrace, Chestnut Drive, Clavering Road, Colebrook Drive, Cowley Road, Dangan Road, Dover Road, Empress Avenue, Felstead Road, Gordon Road, Halstead Road, Harpenden Road, Herongate Road, Highstone Avenue, Hurstwood Ave, Ingatestone Road, Langley Drive, Malford Grove, Nutter Lane, Oak Hall Road, Overton Drive (from St Mary’s to Warren Road), Park Road, Redbridge Lane West, Reydon Avenue, Royston Gardens, Raynes Avenue, Rutland Road, Seagry Road, St Margaret’s Road, Wanstead Park Avenue, Warren Road, Warwick Road, Wellington Road