1.  Fill your outdoor space with pollinator-friendly plants and areas of dense foliage.

  2. Plant more trees and hedges. 

  3. Swap plastic grass and paving slabs for a lawn. Let parts of it grow long in spring and summer, or turn it into a mini meadow.

  4. Create a wild corner, with old wood, leaf piles and a compost heap.

  5. Install a wildlife pond or bird bath.

  6. Have as little hard surfacing as possible to leave more space for vegetation. If you're building over your garden opt for a green roof or driveway.

  7. Provide nest boxes for birds and bats, and bug hotels for insects.

  8. Reduce light pollution in your outdoor space by switching off all lights at night.

  9. Keep asking your local Councillors to do more to protect local biodiversity.

  10. Stick to the paths and keep dogs on a lead in the marked areas on Wanstead Flats between March and the end of August.