Like many parts of the city, Wanstead gardens are getting squeezed as room is needed for parking, patios and extensions. What each of us does with the space that’s left, the plants we choose and the wildlife-friendly elements we include, can really make a big difference.

By acting together, built-up areas of Wanstead will be improved as a vital green corridor linking the Flats, Wanstead Park, Epping Forest and the River Roding, so that birds, insects and other creatures can more easily find a home and move around – essential to sustain and regenerate their populations.

Wild Wanstead is an exciting project to create a multi-garden nature reserve here in the heart of Wanstead. It’s the first time something like this has been attempted in London as far as we know. We’re asking members of the community to add their gardens, balconies and other outdoor space to the jigsaw of the nature reserve by making one or two small changes, like planting pollinator-friendly flowers, greening up an unused corner of their driveway, growing ivy up a fence or making a log pile for beetles.

Creating a wildlife corridor linking Wanstead's green spaces

About Wild Wanstead

The decline in Britain’s wildlife over the last few decades is shocking, but you could help reverse the trend by helping to transform Wanstead into a garden nature reserve